Pirate's Revenge


Game Rules

Welcome to another one of our Annual Christmas Big Games. Our Annual game started out as a way to thank our scenario team Type 3 for all the work they put in to develop and promote our field throughout the year. It has now evolved into a way to get as many of the team together for one big fun day of paintball, since we are now spread across three States. Along with Type 3 we have had many other sponsored teams who have been a big part in promoting and developing the field, Type 3 Speedball, Slaughterhouse Krew, Kajun Voodoo, Carnage, Louisiana Royals, Mad Royals, Boomslang and Royals Young guns.

This also gives us a chance to have a blast with many of the surrounding scenario/tournament teams in the area as well as many first timers to the Big Game/Scenario experience.

We all like to have fun and are very competitive at the same time. Levena Christmas games are family events, which mean we do not tolerate vulgar/rude behavior and expect you to follow the rules and lead by example!



Early registration - Discounted entry and paint (pick your side) Ends December 8th.

Early registration is not only for a discount to the game but it is the only way to be sure which side you play for. If you do not pre-register by December 8th you will not be guaranteed to play for the side you so choose. Once pre-registration closes on December 8th you will still be able to register at the game day price on our website. This will help speed up your check in time at the window as we will have your game pack premade for you.


Game Pack

Each player will receive a game pack which contains the following:

1 Player ID with lanyard

Paint ticket/s (if pre purchased)

1 Prize ticket

It is your responsibility to check you pack before you sign for it. Be sure that it contains everything you pre purchased as there will be no refunds/tickets issued once you have signed that you received everything you purchased.

If you lose your player ID you will be required to purchase another to continue to play, these are $25. This is the way we track who is a registered play from who is not. The player ID must be visible each time you enter the field. If you are caught playing without an ID you will immediately be asked to leave the field and show proof that you have one, if not you will be escorted off the property.


Field of play/Map

Each General will have multiple copies of our game map. The property line is either marked by our netting or marking caution tape along the boundaries. If you are not sure if a part of the field is in play or not please ask a ref.

The New Pirate section is marked by both netting and tape and you are NOT TO deliberately SHOOT over the netting or through the tape into the back section of the property. This will result in you being ejected from the game if a ref sees you doing it intentionally. We have neighbors and would like you to respect that.


Safety and Game Rules

Player markings

All players must have marking tape for the side they are on at all times. This must be located in the front and back of your mask with at least 6 inches visibly hanging. Arm band tape is also required to be showing on the following arm.

Red team uses RIGHT arm

Blue team uses Left arm

We do this to try to eliminate friendly fire and frustrated players.

Chrono / Rate of fire

Chrono speed for pump and pistols is 300 fps.

Chrono speed is 290 fps for ALL other markers.

Rate of fire will be Semi capped at 10.2 BPS balls per second. No Ramping or other modes of fire. Cyclone feed style markers are allowed 3 round burst. There are no other exceptions allowed unless cleared with us before December 8th. This will give us time to evaluate and let everyone know if there is a change.


All calls made by a referee are final. They are there for your safety and are not to be argued with at any time for any reason. If you have an issue that you do not think was resolved by a referee then please be sure to see Damien to address the matter.



Hits, Paint checks and Respawn

A hit consists of a paintball directly hitting you or anything on you and breaking. If the ball is hitting the object in front of you and only spraying paint on you that is not considered a hit.

If you are wearing a Guile Suit / excessive padding such as head gear, bounce shots count as a hit. This means if you feel/or a ref sees a ball hit you, even if it does not break, you are eliminated.

You may ask for a paint check on yourself or on a player you believe you have shot from any referee. If the referee thinks you are using this to your advantage to pin point a target he will not check the player if he does not think the player was actually hit (you were not shooting at them.) 

Please understand that much of this game is played in the woods and paintballs break easily on brush and other objects in the way of your target. Be very mindful of this on both the receiving and issuing end of this statement. A player might think they were overshot intentionally but the shooter was merely just trying to get the ball through the brush. If you are hit you must IMMEDIATELY YELL the words HIT and raise your hand at the same time as moving OUT of the line of fire. The shooter may be shooting at someone behind you as well after you have been hit. On the other hand we will not tolerate deliberate overshooting of any player if we see it to be intentional / unsafe. WE ALL CAME TO HAVE FUN! Do not be THAT PLAYER!!

Once you are an eliminated player you must place your barrel cover back onto your barrel and proceed to either the respawn point or off the playing field.

This game will have mobile respawn paints that are marked by your teams color. Once you have been hit you must return to that location and walk through the respawn to be an active player again. Please be sure to remove the visible paint marking from where you were hit before respawning. If a referee sees any hits, new or old, they will eliminate you from the game. This is your responsibility!

We don’t want to hear “oh that’s an old hit ref!” The response will be, “you should have cleaned it before coming back into play”

Field Safety Rules

Please be sure to read all of our safety rules on our website, on your waiver and or at the field. These will be strictly enforced so we have a fun and safe game on and off the field.  If you have a question about any safety rule please feel free to ask any staff member to explain or clarify.

Surrender Rule /Barrel tag

We would like you to offer a 20ft surrender rule if you are directly behind a un-expecting target as a courtesy for them to give up and not be shot from that close. This situation will be explained in much more detail at the player briefing the day of the game. The exception to not surrendering an opponent is if you are attempting to barrel tag that opponent to remain in a stealth like mode (not give away your position.)

Barrel tag may be used when trying to surrender an opponent without shooting a paintball at them. To perform a barrel tag you must be a “live” player (and look like a player) and have a visible barrel in one hand that is a minimum of 10” showing. To clarify, you are not required to have a working marker but do need to have visible tape and not “act” as if you are a dead player!

EVENT PAINT, Grenades and Law Rockets

THIS IS AN EVENT PAINT ONLY game. There are no exceptions to this rule! Do not even use old paint to chrono! Leave all other paint at home. This is the fastest way to get kicked out of our event!

EVENT PAINT ONLY!!! You have been warned!

Paint and Smoke grenades purchased from the field are allowed. No other exceptions

Law Rockets are not allowed unless we have provided it to you.

TANKS are not permitted unless we have provided them for you.

Special roles

Row Boat

A row boat may be used to transport up to 8 players total. It is a boat shaped prop with “oar” handles, mast for flag and an anchor on the front for docking. Player may only enter the boat from the starting station for that particular game (regen location.) Players in the row boat must have one hand on the “oar” at all times and may not switch hands during the journey on the boat. If a player takes their hand off the oar at any point during the voyage they will be considered a dead player and must proceed either back to the regen location or off the field. Players in the boat cannot shoot at any player other than another live row boat. Doing so might result in a judge warning or ejection from the game.

Boat battles

Row boats may battle each other at any point in the game as long as both boats are live and have a minimum 2 players in it. Boat passengers are only allowed to shoot out of the side of the boat that they are on….right side shoots to the right, left to the left, only the front players may shoot to the front and the rear to the rear. Imagine these are cannons on a ship, you must turn your ship in order to get a straight line shot on your target.

Unloading Passengers

The passengers may be shot at only when the boat has landed ashore by dropping its anchor. 

Eliminating a row boat

There are a few ways to eliminate a row boat.

You can set sail with your own row boat to fire upon it. Each player shot from an opponent boat is eliminated and will release the oar and walk back to the respawn as an eliminated player. DEAD PLAYERS MUST LEAVE QUICKLY AND UNDERSTAND THEY MIGHT BE SHOT MULTIPLE TIMES!

You may throw a paint grenade and hit any or all passengers in it. Once one passenger has been marked with a paint grenade they boat has sunk and all players are eliminated.

DO NOT SHOOT AT OR THROUGH the passengers of a row boat unless you are in the opposing team’s boat!

The boats ACTIVE/INACTIVE signal is the flag indicator on its mast. White flag raised means it is eliminated and in route back to its base. A color flag raised indicates it is an active boat on route to its destination.

A Row boat may only be used two times in each Game period unless otherwise stated.

You are not allowed to capture/sabotage/hide/or mess with the opposing team’s boat in any way.


A scout is one player who is riding a horse, indicated by a horse on a stick, that is allowed to move all over the active field but is not allowed to cross or enter the Caribbean Sea. This player will not have a gun and will not be able to dismount the horse until back at their base. To be an active scout you must continuously “gallop” while on the horse at all times….no walking or running! If the scout stops galloping he may be shot by any player. A scout is not allowed to speak to any player while on the horse. He is also not allowed to point or gesture about anything while on the horse. Do not shoot at the scout, he is only there for recon and as stated will not have a gun, grenade or any other type of item with him. He is not allowed to pick up any items either, other than the sword. A scout cannot be in a row boat or be an escort for a Siren. Scouts are allowed to sword fight other scouts but not regular players with swords.

Witch Doctors

Each team will have the use of one witch doctor who will act as a medic for the game. This player will be clearly visible by wearing a witchdoctor VEST, TOP HAT and carry a STAFF. Witch Doctors can heal any players wound unless it is a headshot. He will do so by placing one hand on the eliminated players shoulder and SHOUT “LIVE AGAIN!” If he does not do this loud enough the ref is able to eliminate that player from being healed. (This will eliminate players wondering why someone just started playing again without going back to the regen.) Witchdoctors may be eliminated just as any other player could be throughout the game. He must also go back to the regen point once eliminated.

The Witchdoctor may also eliminate the Siren when she is in play.

SIREN (Mermaid)

Each Captain will have the ability to use Her Siren (must be a female player) to move around the field and shoot any and all players she sees fit to. The Siren will be escorted by two players in her custom Mermaid tank and will be allowed to use her own marker minus the hopper (NO HOPPER.) Players are not allowed to shoot at the siren at any time. The Siren’s tank will only move at a slow walking pace. The Siren’s escorts are not permitted to carry any paintball marking device (No Gun, No Grenades etc.) Sirens or their escort cannot carry a cannon either.

You can eliminate the siren in one of three ways. Being shot by the Witch Doctor of the opposing team, being shot by an opponent's Siren or tapped on the shoulder by a live player. Siren escorts are not considered LIVE players. They must return to the regen point before playing a part in the game after she is eliminated. You cannot capture the opponents Siren or her Tank. Sirens are not allowed to barrel tag opponents.


Pirates may challenge other pirates to a sword fight at anytime in Port Royal (the ship field.) Sword fights are not points based unless specifically stated. Scouts may carry a sword and fight the opponents scout while abiding by the scout rules. He is not allowed to dismount or stop galloping. 

Sword fights are "won" if a pirate is hit anywhere in his torso by an opponents sword. Players in a sword fight should not be shot at by other players.

Other Props

Movable props will be marked with blue or red paint. If they do not have Blue or Red paint on them they are not to be moved. There are numerous props and artifacts in the game that are both point related or mission related. This is a pirate game, so all is fair game to either side! Props may be stolen (NOT boat/Siren tank/scout/respawn) from enemy bases as well.

Game Play

Please see the game schedule for the game times and breakdown of the event.