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October 19-20 I Ryan will be back at LEVENA Paintball in Lafayette, LA. He will be hosting a unique one or two day Pro Clinic. Saturday will be focusing on individual drills and small teamwork drills. Sunday will be a more team oriented day. We will work on polishing up a few of our individual skill sets from day one then we will focus on full field drills and really focus on helping your team run an efficient and effective practice! The event is filling up fast so be sure to sign up ASAP in order to secure a space. This is a great opportunity to brush up your skills and learn new drills for you and your team to advance your paintball career. Whether you are a divisional player or just want to learn some new skills to shoot more people on the weekend, you will absolutely benefit from the things that I have to teach you. This is also great for full teams or multiple players from teams to get a leg up on their competition.



Every Year we have our annual Big Game.

This is a way we get to have a big fun day of paintball with all our Paintball friends and teams in the area.

If your looking to kick back and have some fun off the field, and then go hard on the field....this is a fun time you will not want to miss.

Game play break down:

We play the entire property as one big map. Teams are run by one captain for each side, BLUE vs RED

Teams get their mission/s at the start of each game period and have a certain time period in which to complete/not their mission/s. We take breaks after time periods are finished and then o out and do it all over again. Points are given for many different aspects of the game both on and off the field. All this shooting/shenanigans/foolery culminates with one final battle. After this final objective is complete we then tally the scores and a winner is declared.

The Game Story this year came from Laura and I trying to figure out what has never been done before in a scenario. We decided to try to run the game without two Generals, which is usually how a scenario is done, and also to make almost everything mobile. This will add a whole other level of excitement to the game.... we hope

Game maps, rules, and more details will be released as they are finalized.

Additional Game rules different from normal play:

-We will be using special fill paint for this event, so event paint only!

-Special Props will be in play....dynamite, cannons, mobile regen stations, mobile bases, rowboats, submarines, etc

-Radios are allowed

-Game will be played on all fields as one big MAP.

-You will have team leaders to help complete missions.

-Games are played in a Big Game format, meaning we will play multiple games with a short break in between each mission.