Levena Paintball Field and Pro Shop

We are open Saturdays and Sundays

Please check our site for weather closures before you come out to play.




April 4th and 5th


Pro Dynasty player Ryan Greenspan will be conducting an intense paintball clinic at the field. The clinic will be from 9am-3pm both days with a lunch break

There are two options avaiable for this experience

Saturday only which includes 1 case of paint for $100, or

Both days which also includes 1 case of paint but is much more restricted in size to give you a more personalized 1 on 1 environment on the Sunday.

Dynasty Course Coverage (not limited to)
• Preparation- warm-up, stretching, quick paintball warm-up
• Snap-shooting accuracy/ stance/ marker set-up
• Running and shooting/ shooting off the break
• Sliding/diving drills
• Blocking out/ aggressive control drills
• Snake crawling drills
• Attack/ defend 50 yard line bunker (snake/dorito)
• Dodgeball/ field awareness
• Paintball strategy/ theory/ communication
• Full team breakouts
• Full team field walk/ mapping techniques
• Full team games
….. and much, much more interactive one-on-one instruction

Valken Sports will be on site as well as DeanO’s Pizza South!

more details to come…..


Very limited space



 April 5th, 2015

Easter Egg Hunt-11:00am

We will be having an Easter Egg hunt for kids ages 1yr – 7yr old.

This is completely free to all who sign up. Everyone must sign up to participate.

Please click here and select April 5th on the calendar to secure your spot.

The Easter “Baller” Bunny will be stopping by to take pics and have some fun with the kids



April 5th, 2015

Airsoft Sunday-

Airsoft Sunday is held the First Sunday of every month. Bio degradable BBs are required along with full paintball mask and barrel cover.

Paintball is also played on this day!!!

Airsoft Equipment Rules


Hours of operation

Open Saturdays and Sundays to the public and groups

We will also open to scheduled groups of 10 or more during the week.

Gates open at 8am and game play is from 9am-4pm.

This field is FIELD PAINT ONLY!

We also offer Gift Certificates, the perfect gift idea!!