Levena is next level

If you're looking for a fun and exciting time, Levena's got you covered! Our spread features 5 fields and a variety of ways to play. Our facility is perfect for birthday parties, special events and tournament play. We are a team-oriented field and work with our players to deliver the most current, exciting and dynamic gameplay around!



Five exciting fields that can be played in many different formats and layouts.


Field charges, paint prices, gear rental, and private group rates.


View our safety guidelines and sign your waiver online.

More Variety than ever before!

We have 5 playing fields listed with the ability to play them in many many different formats and layouts. This means that our fields can be used to cater to what YOU want as a player!  Levena is a player's field and we are always interested in getting your input and feedback. Be sure to check us out and like us on facebook for the most up-to-date changes!


Full 2016 Valken NXL tournament field!! Open for weekend games to both team practices and public/party play.


Our city field changes frequently as we are working week-by-week to build and enhance it to be the most amazing field you have ever played!

Fun playable buildings named from current and past refs/members.

Squid's bait shop, Shaggy's Barber Shop, Vegetables Fruit stand, Bugs Car wash, Bank of Tekk, Boudin's Meat Mart, Bobongs Music Emporium, Graveyard, Hospital, Valumart, Towers, Cars, Prison, and much more....


This is a smaller field build to run more intense games, small parties and adrenaline pumping fun.

Big Wood Field

Our large 6 acre woodsball field is constantly being improved as it is the largest most challenging fields that we have. It has a large Fort with 3 towers, a helicopter, buildings, many bunkers and trails a  throughout.

Game play examples include Defend the Fort, Blow the Comm Tower, Pilot Down, Zombie, and more!

Hold the Line

A scenario game concept where the final battle is strictly about holding an objective. 

Target Practice Field

Every good shooter has to practice. Test your skills without getting shot up in the process!




Our premiere paintball scenario team.


Team Carnage


Division 3 X-BALL Team.


Louisiana Royals


Division 5 Tournament Team.