Join us the first Sunday of every month for Airsoft games at Levena. We want to make sure your time here is fun and enjoyable so please take a moment to review the guidelines below and be sure your gear is approved for use. All rules are strictly enforced and subject to change if necessary.

2019 Schedule

Feb 3rd, March 3rd, Apr 7th, May 5th, Jun 2nd, Jul 7th

Equipment Rules

Only the use of industry-approved Paintball manufactured fully-sealing, full face, non-modified goggles are acceptable. Eye protection is absolutely required at all times while on the field or chronograph range. Put on mask BEFORE entering these areas. Seal must remain on face at all times even when game is over. If your eye protection is removed while in these areas, disciplinary action will be taken. We take your safety very seriously.

Airsoft Weapon Rules

    At all times, all Airsoft weapons must be treated as if they are real firearms. All guests must transport their guns in a safe manner. Specifically, your gun must be carried in a soft or hard shell case suitable for real firearms until you are in Staging. Whenever in Staging area, magazines must be removed, guns must be on safety, and a paintball barrel cover must be in place. There must be a barrel cover for each airsoft weapon taken from cases. All airsoft weapons must have tournament locks and trigger guards. No firing allowed in any areas other than fields of play or chronogragh area. Handle your gun as if it is always loaded. Never point it at anything you don't want to harm. There are no exceptions.

    FPS limits will be strictly enforced. All Airsoft weapons to be used will be checked and tagged prior to the beginning of the first game using biodegradable .20 gram bbs with the hop-up turned off. Airsoft weapons will then have a color-coded zip tie attached to it classifying the weapon as either a sniper or standard airsoft weapon. Players may also be chosen at random for a chronograph spot check. AT NO TIME SHALL SPEED REDUCERS BE ALLOWED to decrease any gun's FPS to fall under FPS limits. Any modifications made to your Airsoft weapon after being chronographed found to increase your FPS is a violation. All Airsoft weapons must have trigger guards. Specific rules for all Airsoft weapons follow:

    • GENERAL WEAPONS - All Airsoft weapons except "Snipers" and "Pistols" will be set to a field max of 400 FPS using .20 BB's. Note: Heavier gram BBs may be used during games. Rate of fire must not exceed 20 balls per second.

    • PISTOLS - All pistols are considered backup weapons and are restricted to 350 FPS.

    • SNIPER RIFLES - Sniper airsoft weapons must be semi or bolt action only. Sniper airsoft weapons must be set to a field max of 500 FPS using .20 BB's. These airsoft weapons must observe a 100-foot minimum shooting distance. Due to the extra speed on these airsoft sniper weapons, one infraction will result in loss of use of the weapon for the day, upon the second offense, permanently.


    • UNREGULATED gas powered Airsoft replicas (excluding pistols) are not permitted for play; they have too much volatility when not kept in check with the proper regulator.

    • ALL "Real Steel" firearms, explosives, and bladed weapons are prohibited on entire facility.

    • NO explosives or combustibles of any kind are allowed.

    • NO other simulation weapons (i.e. grenades, mines) are allowed without prior approval.

    All new and modified guns on the field must pass a safety check by an official before it can be used on the field. Please notify staff if your weapon is new or modified. For safety purposes, we reserve the right to disallow any Airsoft weapon without reason.

    Biodegradable BBs are mandatory. There are no exceptions.

    A red shop rag or other brightly colored marker (i.e. barrel cover) to signify you are out is required.

Rules of Play

  1. All games are organized and officiated by a referee or designated official. These officials are to be respected.

  2. Barrel Covers are to be on when entering staging area. Guns are not allowed in the safety/staging areas while magazines are inserted, batteries are connected or gas source is attached. REMOVE THE MAGAZINE FROM ALL GUNS, FIRE 3 CLEARING SHOTS, ENGAGE THE GUN'S SAFETY AND INSTALL BARREL COVER BEFORE LEAVING THE SHOOTING AREAS.

  3. Safety goggles must be on before leaving staging area and are not to be removed until back in the staging area. Seal must remain on face at all times (100%).

  4. If you are hit anywhere, including any equipment, during game play, you are out. The one exception to this is hits to your weapon in which case that weapon must be holstered and a backup used. If you have no backup to use in the above case then you are out. Ricochets do not count as hits, but shots through foliage do count as does friendly fire.

  5. All players are asked to have a red shop rag or other brightly colored marker to put on your head when you are out. When you are hit and rendered out, you must place a red rag over your head while lying down. Remain "dead" on the ground where you were shot for about 1 minute or until combat moves away from your position. Once it is safe to stand, place a barrel cover on your weapon and move to the regeneration/hospital or staging area as designated by game. On the way, make sure your red rag is still on top of your head (highly visible) and keep your gun up. Remember, dead players don't talk, move or provide info/intel in any way.

  6. Airsoft is a game of honor, and as players we must take faith in the fact that other players will play honestly and call themselves out when hit.

  7. If you are 20 feet or closer to an opposing player or players, you must offer them a surrender. If they say "I surrender", they are out. If they make any move as to engage in battle, after your offer, you may shoot them. Aim for equipment if possible to minimize injury. Surrendering is optional for the receiving player and they may shoot at anytime upon aggression provided the aggressor has knowledge of their presence.

  8. You cannot "fake" being dead.

  9. "Knife kills" are also a legal way of getting someone out. If you get within arms reach of someone, don't shoot them, tag them instead. A tag is as good as a hit. Anyone tagged is out. It's also known as a knife kill.

  10. You must carry all of your ammo, and propellant gas on your person with you into the game. Unless designated in game briefing, returning to a staging area after game begins is considered calling yourself out.

  11. "Cease Fire" (or a horn or whistle after game begins) is the code to stop all play immediately for any emergency situation. Please stop play and go down onto one knee, place gun on the ground and then both hands on your knee. Stay in your position in case game resumes. Play will resume when an organizer blows the whistle or calls “game on”.


Any violation of the above rules may result in immediate and possible permanent removal from the facility. No refunds will be issued.


  • First Sunday of every month

  • $15 Field Pass

  • Biodegradable BB's only
    Bring your own or purchase some at our field.