3-Man HyperWoods


Basic rules LWL Hyperwoods


All players must be at the field ready to go by 8:30 am for the player orientation and team assignment.

Matches start at 9 am and will continue until the last match has been played.

Only the top two scoring teams will compete in the final for the grand prize. 


This will be 3 v 3 with two flag stations in the center of the field.

Points will be given for flag pulls, flag hangs, players eliminated and players left alive. 

Flag pull 30 points per flag

Flag hang 30 points per hang

Eliminated player 5 points per player you eliminate

Live player 5 points per player you have left alive

Total of 150 max points per game 


Players will not be permitted to enter the opponent’s side of the field during play.

Sides will be picked by the flip of a coin right before the game begins.


Refs will be there to be sure we have safe and fair play.

Refs will only paint check a player if they are told where the player is and where you shot him/her, or if the ref believes a player was truly hit. They will do their best not to give a players position away.



Penalties are accessed by the referees and are final once given. It is a player’s responsibility to wipe off any old hits from previous games!

Players caught playing on after being hit will be fined 50 points if it is an obvious hit (eg arm/hopper/gun) and 25 points if it is a hit in an unobvious spot (eg pack/back)

Player caught cheating/wiping will be fined 50 point, and also sit the next game (team starts with two)




Paint will be $55/case and will be a very specific color

Any NON event paint will result in the player being ejected from the event and the team playing 1 man down for the remainder of the event.....be sure your team is not using nonevent paint!! 


Spectators area will be available to watch matches...mask required to get to the area but can be removed once in the safe spectator area. Any spectators caught coaching or yelling out players positions will not be allow back into the spectator area or onto the field. If this is a player from another team they will not be permitted to continue play and their team will play without them.




This will be $15/player for Registration. Registration entry money will all go into a pot for the winning team to take 100% of it.

Medals will be awarded to the top three teams as well.


Chrono / Rate of fire

Chrono speed is 290 fps for ALL markers.

Rate of fire will be PSP/Ramp capped at 10.5 BPS. Cyclone feed style markers are allowed 3 round burst. There are no other exceptions allowed.