Urban Assault

urban assault.jpg

Paintball Warfare

March 3rd at 9am we will kick off our first event of the year. Urban Assault will be on our famous city field and is open to all levels of play.

Two divisions

Mechanical- mech/pump style markers on uncapped on semi with gravity hoppers

Open- electronic markers capped 10.2bps semi/millenium ramp

Team Format

5 man teams (no alternate) made up of your own players or we can pick for you. Teams are allowed to have a max of 1 player ranked D3 or higher on the squad, the rest of the team needs to be non-ranked/beginner/D5/D4. This goes both both divisions.

Max 12 teams total.

Game Format

5 Minute points, round robin games, flag hang to win.

No sideline coaching.